Private Consultation

We provide private one-on-one client consultation, in your community, at your senior center.

Common concerns in consultation include:

  • ​Public Benefits/Social Security,
  • Long-Term Care Planning,
  • Medi-Cal Eligibility,
  • Powers of Attorney,
  • Advanced Healthcare Directives,
  • Debts/Creditor Intervention, and
  • Landlord Tenant Issues 

Referral Services

If your issue involves an area of the law we don't handle, we refer you to other services more appropriate for your concern. 

Public Speakers

We offer public speakers to speak on legal issues commonly shared by seniors. Please contact our office to discuss available speakers and topics. 

Group Presentations

We offer group presentations to seniors and caregivers. Topics include: Elder Abuse, What Do I Need To Know About Estate Planning, and others. Presentations last 1-3 hours.  

Legal Information For the Elderly (LIFE) Class 

We facilitate the LIFE class for the Ventura County Area Agency on Aging (VCAAA). The three-hour class covers: Identifying Legal Needs; Grandchildren and Legal Relationships; Elders at Risk; Legal Documents for Elders; Resolving Housing Disputes; Communication, Hiring Legal Professionals; When to Use the Court System and Community Resources. The program won the VCAAA a national award. Contact the VCAAA at (805) 477-7300 for information on attending an upcoming LIFE class or scheduling a LIFE class at your facility.   

Client Grievance Policy
To assure those clients experiencing problems with the program may seek resolution in an equitable, non-punitive manner and with no adverse repercussions to the client and/or his/her status in the Community Release Program.


  1. Clients shall have the opportunity to express themselves regarding problems they are having with the program without being subject to any adverse action.
  2. The grievance process shall not interfere in any way with the client’s status in the program, or with other aspects of the program.
  3. There shall be an appeal process that exists independently of the specific program activity that is the subject of the grievance, and shall have various levels of appeal.
  4. Client’s grievances must be transmitted without alteration, interference or delay to the party responsible for receiving and investigating it.
  5. If the resident perceives themselves as subject to substantial risk of imminent sexual abuse, they may verbally contact of file a grievance immediately with the PREA Coordinator.


  1. The Client shall initiate the grievance in writing to the Staff.
  2. The supervisor shall meet with the client and shall review all aspects of the problem(s) outlined by the client.
  3. If the staff is unable to meet with the client or the client does not believe they are receiving an opportunity to be heard, the client may appeal that decision to the Program Director
  4. The Program Director shall be responsible for forwarding the client’s grievance to the board and shall include specific documentation and rational as to why the client’s grievance was denied. 


Legal Representation

We provide advice not representation. We do not represent you in court proceedings. 

Criminal Law Advice

We do not provide advice on criminal matters, including the DMV. The Ventura County Public Defender Office represents individuals who cannot afford a private attorney for criminal matters. 

Family Law Advice

We do not advise on family law issues, including grandparent's rights. Consider contacting a private attorney.*

Civil Litigation

If you already received a legal document or want to file a lawsuit, please contact a private attorney.*

*The Ventura County Bar Association can help connect you with a local attorney. Ask about the Lawyer Referral Service. You can reach the Bar Association at (805) 650-7599. 

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