Examples of what our seniors ask

I just got a letter from Social Security and I don't understand!

Most letters from Governmental Agencies say what they mean, just not in a language that most lay persons understand.

When I'm in the hospital, how can I get someone else to speak for me if I can't?

We can offer a free Advanced Healthcare Directive AND answer any questions about the form you may have.

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Examples of what our seniors ask

How is a Power of Attorney form scary?

The power you grant to the person you designate is very broad, including selling your home and emptying your bank accounts.

What happens if I don't have a Will?

Despite what many lawyers tell you, you may not even need a will, but its always safest to ask to make sure, if you are interested in who gets what after you die.

More examples of what our seniors ask

My (husband/wife/mom/dad) is going into a skilled nursing facility, we/they are going to be wiped out!

This is not necessarily true, in fact they are a number of things that can be done to make sure this WON'T happen. Though the Medi-Cal rules may seem complicated, it may be critical for you to determine what they are and what you can do to protect your family member.

I signed this contract, what should I do?

Although you are obligated by civil law to honor any contract you signed, there may still be ways to reduce the potential downside.

I'm getting calls around the clock from credit card companies and can't seem to make ends meet.

Many of our clients have nothing except some furniture and their retirement (and a fist full of credit cards demanding payment),for these we may be able to offer some assistance in dealing with the credit card companies. Although under most circumstances we will advise you to seek the assistance of a Bankruptcy Attorney,